• Moodle Upgrade 

    Moodle 2.8 upgrade will take place Monday 30th November 2015. On the day of the upgrade the site will be in “read only” mode between 09.30 -17.30 - so users still have access to the site but cannot update anything. Once the upgrade to 2.8 is completed a switch over will take place when there will be a full outage for only a short period.

    We thank you for your cooperation and Support. Any issues please email ithelpdesk@westking.ac.uk

  • Learner Satisfaction Surveys



    For a chance to win a £50 voucher, please complete these 2 short surveys.  First is the national SfA FE choices learner satisfaction survey*, and second the Westminster Kingsway College survey**. Your answers for each survey will go to different places.

    For the SfA survey you will need the College number (10007455) and your student ID to log in.

    Skills Funding Agency

    Click on the logo to complete the SfA learner satisfaction survey. When you have finished press ‘submit’ to return to this screen.

      Once you have finished the learner satisfaction survey click on the WKC logo.

    Your student ID is the login code for Westminster Kingsway College survey

    WKC Logo 


    *The learner satisfaction survey is national survey and learners all over England are taking part. The answers go to the research companies Ipsos MORI and RCU. Your answers will be added to the answers from other learners. They will hold the data on the Skills Funding Agency’s behalf and send them the total number of learners giving each answer. None of your lecturers, trainers or supervisors will be able to see your own answers. 

    ** The Westminster Kingsway College survey is the college’s own survey. The College survey is held and processed independently of the Skills Funding Agency and the learner satisfaction survey. Please ask members of staff if you are not sure who will see your replies.


  • ESOL

  • crime of the poster

  • Victoria LC 2015

  • LEX-KX photographyWhat will happen at meetings of Photography club?

    The focus will depend  partly on what group members want to do, but these are the kind of areas we’ll be exploring:


    • Learning to see  photographically
    • Working with light
    • Viewpoint and composition
    • Architecture and landscape
    • Action and street photography
    • Portraiture
    • Tips and tricks for getting more from your smart phone camera
    • Making more of your images with Photoshop

  •                                  NEW PROFESSIONAL COURSES at WKC FOR 2015/2016! OPEN TO ALL

    Diverse Team

    For further information please contact Rubina Menghrani, Professional Programmes Development Manager on 020 7802 8369 or email rubina.menghrani@westking.ac.uk

  • NCS 2015

  • Latin & Greek Poster 2015

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