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    Ongoing Moodle login issues....

    by bobby demers -

    If you are getting the message of

    “ You cannot process without changing your password – however there is no page for changing it . Please contact your Moodle administrator

    Try going back one page in your browser.
    The message says you aren't logged in, but if you go back a page, you will find that you actually are logged in!!

    We are looking at the issue and trying to find a fix for this ASAP



    by bobby demers -

    Teachers Notice:

    There is a new system in place for requesting course transfers, withdrawals and changes.

    Please visit the Learner Experience Office (LEX) at your college centre where the LEX team will generate a Tutor Interface Form

    When completed please scan to:
    • Registry (course additions and course transfers) or
    • Webreg (group transfers, cancellations + withdrawals) for processing.

    Any changes should reflect on your Moodle courses within 24 hours.

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